Walking is good for health, weight loss, and long life

If you want to know what is the most low risk exercise, the answer is walking. Walking has many benefits. The most benefit of walking comes to longer your life. A study in 2005 proves that 30 minutes of walking a day adds about 1.3 years to a person's lifespan and 1.1 years without heart disease.

many practitioners suggested to walk at least 30 minutes as a cardio activity, all of this is for the same reasons. If your lifestyle is very sedentary, stay at home lot, and your job doesn't need to get active then all what you need is walking. It will help you reduce style diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer beside prolonging your life.

Nevertheless if you have a lose weight program then you need walk more and you can combine it with other exercises. Experts suggested a good 10,000 steps a day if your goal is weight loss. Absolutely it will take more then 30 minutes, it depends on how your walking is, shorter if you do brisk and race walking and longer if you are doing leisure walking. Getting out of the habit of a lifestyle may be not easy but if you focus on goals you will be motivated. Set your goals before choosing a right walking program and work your way into achieving those goals.

You need a pedometer if you want your progress in walking to be monitored. It's simply a walking gear that couts your steps when you are walking. Pedometer gives you the amount of calories burned during walking, the distance you've walked or the time you spent the exercise. This device will track your progress easier. Some pedometers can log until 7 days/a week.

If you are reluctant to walk, make a motivation by creating a calendar. Place the calendar in conspicuous place on the wall or anywhere in your home. You can make a record of the number of your step and the amount of time you spent walking after you walk. You can practice it for 6 weeks, since it approximately need this amount of time to turn walking into your habit. You can also include calories burned in the calendar. To lose 1 pound will take about 3500 burned calories.

Make sure to wear the proper attire when you go out for walking, more over if you are already getting nippy. During the winter some walker use the treadmill to feel comfort in colder months. If you don't have one, you can go to the gym.  The choice of walking depends on individual preferences, is it indoor or outdoor and how to do it (Nordic walking, brisk walking or race walking). To combine the exercises is good as well.
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Solution for Yeast Infections

Yeast is usually found in many places of the body. It usually appears in the vagina, intestines, mouth and on the skin. Though yeast infection does not pose a danger, but it is painful and uncomfortable to the sufferer, wherever it is. But normally, infection of yeast in woman occurs in the vagina. However an yeast overgrowth may happen in several places besides the vagina. This infection is known as Candida Albicans. Yeast is a fungus that happens due to high acid environment. High sugar consumption and carbohydrates will increase levels of acid in the body, contributes to this imbalance.

There are many reasons why women get yeast infections. Some causes are the overuse of antibiotics, stress, excessive douching, pregnancy, diabetes, or chemotherapy treatments. A great cause is a compromised immune system as a result of an underlying disease. Wearing underwear too tightly is another reason causes yeast. Overusing feminine perfume or sprays also causes yeast infection, and using scented tampons or pads. Consuming high sugar and the over consumption of alcohol or drugs will increase the chance of getting a yeast because they lower the immune system naturally.

Suffer from itching, redness and burning experienced by many women. A foul order emanating from vagina or a creamy white discharge when they suffer a yeast infection. The infection is normally treated with drugstore cream or prescribed antibiotic from their doctor. For temporary relief this may work well. Nevertheless, the infection usually return at some point in the future. To be effectively stop a recur of yeast infection in women, a more holistic and natural approach should be considered.

You should first modifying your diet when trying to prevent or eliminate yeast infection. Carbohydrates and sugar contain in the food could be the feed of yeast. Other things to keep away a yeast infection are maintaining your personal hygiene, wearing clothes comfortably and wearing cotton underwear and getting enough rest. And if possible, avoid to take an antibiotic. Antibiotics are a great cause in upsetting the balance of bacteria in yeast by the entire of the body. All of these things combined will definitely help.

The ones that come from Mother Nature, are the best long-term treatments for yeast infection in women. Try to drink a few glasses of fresh water with a splash of organic apple cider vinegar every day. This will maintain a healthy ratio of acid and alkaline in the system. A fresh clove of garlic and eating the pieces raw will kill Candida instantly. And last but not the least, consider to take a strong high quality probiotic every single day in order to protect the good bacteria in your body and keep strong your immune system.
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Chocolates for Healthy life

Botanists agree that cocoa or chocolate (Theobroma cacao) is cultivated for thousands of years ago in Amazon and Orinoco River basin in South America. Mayans, who first cultivated cacao beans. When they moved to the Yucatan they didn't leave this habit. Aztec nation establish a bitter chocolate as a beverage. Cocoa mixed with maize or fermented and then presented a cup made of gold. Aztec emperors named Lafayette has a habit of drinking milk by more than 50 cups of chocolate a day.

Hernan Cortez, a spanish colonist (1485-1547) first interested in the golden cup than the drink (chocolate) inside of it. Then he observed that chocolate also used by Aztecs as money. Therefore, he immediately set up by some cocoa plantations. A plantation known as  "brown gold " is growing and the results favored Spain, so that the control trade chocolate in the 18th century. The chocolate is then introduced to Europe continental and made a cake mixture of ingredients.

In the middle of the 19th century the Swiss began to develop and market chocolate as a snack. So chocolate, that's only used as a drink later evolved into snacks that can melt on the tongue. Switzerland was also famous as the best chocolate producing countries

Then smart entrepreneurs like Hershey, Kohler, Lindt, aromatizovane, Peter, and Suchard Tobler names they became well known chocolate brands today made a great contribution to the industry of chocolate. They found more efficient processing engine of cocoa and chocolate processing methods to get better.

Chocolate a passion of nationality and a symbol of love

The reason why many people give chocolate is that people often considered as food of love, because chocolate is soft surface and smooth to melt in your mouth. When it’s chewed, it gives a sensual impression to the person eat it. In addition, chocolate can provide convenient. Loose and can enhance sexual arousal.

Meaning of comfort after enjoying chocolate is not only a sense, because chocolate contains a substance that allows hundreds of chemical reactions in the brain. Substances that promote active serotonin in the brain which in turn will activate a feeling of comfort. More over, most of the substances contained in chocolate are theobromine contents that may encourage heart and nerve tissue that leads us to awake and excited. This effect you can order from the caffeine in coffee or tea. Another advantage of levels of theobromine is able to relieve cough.

Also contained phenylethylamine, which helps the absorption in the brain and produces Dopamine, leading to feelings of joy, increase the sense of interest and can lead to feelings of love. This is another reason why chocolate is often given as a gift of love.

Advantages of chocolate for health

Chocolate contains cocoa (cocoa beans) over 70% also has health benefits, because chocolate is rich of antioxidant content of phenols and flavonoids. With the presence of antioxidants, will be able to catch the free radicals in the body. The amount of antioxidants that even 3 times more than green tea, a drink that has been often considered as a source of antioxidants.

With the presence of antioxidants, make chocolate as a health drink. Phenols, antioxidant can reduce cholesterol in the blood so it can reduce the risk of heart attack that are also useful to prevent cancer in the body, preventing the onset of the stroke and high blood pressure. In addition to the fat content in high-quality chocolate proven cholesterol-free and do not obstruct the arteries.

Chocolate also contains various vitamins that useful for the body such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E. Additionally, chocolate also substances or nutrients that are essential for the body such as iron, potassium and calcium. Cocoa itself is the highest natural source of magnesium. For magnesium deficiency, chocolate can lead to hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, joint pain and problems of woman's monthly pre-menstrual. By eating chocolate will add daily nutrition intake of magnesium in causing elevated levels of progesterone in women. This reduces the negative effects of pre-menstrual.

Chocolate for beauty

Other benefits of chocolate is for beauty, because antioxidants and catechins, which are presented in this can prevent premature aging, so don't be surprised if at this time developed a very good body chocolate scrub for your skin.

Healthier chocolate types

Many types of chocolate are available in the market. There are expensive, and some are cheap. What's the difference? Here is a comparison of the different types of chocolate and the benefits of each.

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate contains cocoa nuts (cocoa) at least 70% Max contains cocoa chocolate, chocolate or cocoa contains a black bean without sugar and vegetable oil fatty acids or GL (HVO).
White chocolate
While white chocolate has only 33% content of chocolate or cocoa, the rest is sugar, milk and vanilla. The content of sugar, which can be negative effects, such as tooth decay and diabetes.
Chocolate milk
Milk chocolate, contains milk and sugar. This type of chocolate is also very popular, because it tastes delicious.

Be careful of any chocolate

Mistakes are often made. Thus, have the chocolate (cocoa beans) that an average of just under 20%, some even less than 7%. This type of chocolate also contains high levels of sugar, saturated fat and other vices, such as hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO), which causes tooth decay and health problems like diabetes.

Other chocolate products is also dangerous and bad for health, particularly in the form of Fontán (usually used to decorate cakes) and praline. In fact, fondan contains 100% sweeteners and praline is bad as well.

Everywhere, where you can choose the chocolate with a little content so you can enjoy great benefits of chocolate. Enjoy your chocolate!
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The Truth about Supplements and Vitamins

Today we can find a lot of vitamins and supplement on the market, it's not easy to find completely the vitamins we look for. Some people will be shocked to know that the best vitamins and supplements in the world is not available on the shelves. The particular vitamins and supplements known by a simple technique as the "word of mouth". It is why the products would be a mystery to many people, since they aren't found in stores.

Vitamins and supplements are very significant to achieve the goal to have the best health of our body.Even with all the exercise in the world, dietary vitamins are needed to help repair your body from the elements it endured.it means that you need to ingest as natural as dietary supplements.There is no shortcut in the production of vitamins made from plant-based items.Chemicals and additives that do not come from nature are frequently found in supplements. Therefore, many people are not getting the best vitamins and supplements. If someone with supplements or vitamins he/she bought that haven't any benefit and fall short of expectations, so it is not fair. No one will deny the best products of nature.

This is the challenge of a company to create supplements and vitamins that can be expected by the public. The problem is that many companies won't be able to benefit close to the results as provided from a great company that remains under the radar. The company doesn't have an intense research oh different items from nature that will cure very well. All ingredient is plant based from the ground just like nature would want to be.Supplements and foods that are produced by human can be changed in many ways.

In many cases, the changes will go against what nature had in mind for us. The danger of chemicals are found in some supplements especially defeat the whole purpose of the product and possibly pose harsh side effects. It is about time, people occur the best supplement that are created from the best nature.
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Naturally Cure Acne

Acne maybe one of the most persistent skin diseases with a high risk of relapse. Many doctors prescribe current and oral medications that kill bacteria that cause acne, but they are not always successful. These drugs are also often with side effects. Some are even hepatotoxische, that is to say that the long-term use of the liver can lead.

In the opinion of some experts,if we want to get rid of acne, use the main cause for the State of repetition. The thing is that the cause of Acne can not in control of natural resources. If the acne with the overproduction of sebum by the hormone imbalance caused or genetic, seems very can do little in this regard, perhaps, other than hormonal injections or pills, the hormonal activity of the rules.

But overproduction of sebum alone will not lead to breakthrough. There is another important element in the development of acne and that's dirt if you messed with mixtures of clogged pores and skin sebum is bacteria from the mud surface bacteria. within your organization outside of our immune system reacts naturally to produce more blood cells, white eventually lead to the skins to Kindle and outgrown this suggests that while some people are more likely to develop siokwa others with poor genetic or hormonal imbalance, they may prevent combustion acne. Keep skin healthy and clean at all times. Listed below are some examples of natural home remedies. You can prevent or cure acne outbreak:

· Face cleansing. Face cleansing is more than just washing your face with SOAP and water. If you are prone to develop acne, don't use ordinary SOAP. Commercial SOAP formulated with hard materials, dry and itchy skin and cause errors in the shell, creating a good environment for bacteria to invade and multiply. Use a mild cleanser-degeasers-equipped, non-comedogenic, one of the germicidal action, or a specially formulated for skin prone to acne. Lemon SOAP is a good choice because of its antioxidant, antibacterial and bleaching properties. Tea tree or lavender SOAP is also a popular choice because of its ability to destroy the bacteria that causes acne.

· Acne is already evident in the case of Apple Cider vinegar, DAB cotton of the flag State of the water and olive oil during the month. Loosens may also be cancelled, acne marks, and the return of the damaged skin cells. You need to win further loosens and then turn on the face, such as the mask. 10-15 Minutes and wash it entirely. Want to try this oatmeal mask tools for second homes. Oatmeal mask for Acne to help absorb the excess.

· Exfoliate with baking. Exfoliating is the bark of dead cells, which can cause Acne flare-ups, where they are mixed with the skin excess oil. Also helps clarify tags. Cooking, baking ingredients, you can also double as clean and as a method for treatment of Acne. Use Paste and Neonatal massage is easy to paste on your face, just a few seconds. Then drain them completely with water. Exfoliating will not have to do on a daily basis, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Most eat · depends on good nutrition Cure acne and prevent Control scheme for products processed from fruit and vegetables Food will increase resistance of the virus and help maintain the right balance between the various systems of your body.

Note that the best natural plant remedies are those that fit your lifestyle and daily routine. Simply rid of your acne if eating healthy food and follow on a regular basis good skin care regimen.
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Quick Weight Loss Tips

Here are some helpful tips for quick weight loss women, accelerates the metabolism.
Start promoting quality with high fiber foods for your health: Most of us have no idea how much we consume, the fiber of our daily meals. Eat fiber enriched foods can help lower "bad" cholesterol and fat oxidation significantly improves more slowly through the digestive system. In general, experts recommend 20-30 grams of fiber for a woman that is necessary. Carrots, oatmeal, apples, pears, vegetables and salads that contain fruit and are great sources of fiber.
Eat when you are hungry: It's not what your stomach full of rubbish every time. The best way is to take frequent small meals throughout the day helps to eat boost your metabolism. Let me be clear about this? Think of the animals. Do you see a wild animal with a pound of fat? No, because they always eat before going hungry and not eat when they are satisfied. But we are human, you make a plan and place to eat certain time and it routine.
Stick with your training: Here is your goal, is a measure of fat loss every day. Such a hard burden to give your muscles in shape by training. When compared with other organs, muscles are very active metabolically. You're not going to hit the expensive gyms here, go for a walk in the morning and evening of each day. So remember to do more physical exercises will burn more calories.
Avoid bad carbs: Finish your dinner from 3 to 4 hours of bed time. It is better to eliminate the carbohydrates contained in foods such as sugar, snacks, candy, pizza and other baked goods food. Eat heavy amount of fruits and raw vegetables will be useful to increase the power of the digestive system. Do not forget to drink more water and this is one of the best in quick weight loss tips.
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The Secret of Ageless

People sometimes do not like to eat tomatoes. Usually, they are always separate the tomatoes in foods. whereas, tomatoes contain vitamin c which helps with free radicals in the body, according to some experts, tomatoes are also potent combat premature aging.

Some British researchers have found that adding the tomatoes into the cook every day increases the skin's ability to protect from harmful ultra violet rays.

Researchers at the University of Manchester and University of Newcastle found that adding five tablespoons of tomato paste to the daily diet of 10 volunteers can help avoid skin damage by providing protection against the effects of ultra violet rays. The damage caused is premature aging and skin cancer.

In one study, researchers gave 10 volunteers a total of 55 grams of standard tomato paste which contains high levels of cooked tomatoes and 10 grams of olive oil every day, while another 10 participants are given only olive oil.

After three months, skin samples from the tomato group showed they had given 33% extra protection from sunburn, similar to very little of factor protection from the sun cream, and procollagen levels are much higher. Procollagen in the molecule which gives skin its structure and keeping it supple.

The study suggested the antioxidant lycopene, found in its highest concentration when the tomatoes have been cooked, was behind the apparent benefits.

But there are warnings that the tomato must be considered as a useful adjunct and not as an option for protection from the sun cream.

Researchers said the study was smaller and shorter, and they are now considering doing new research on the benefits of lycopene for the skin.

In addition, based on research conducted by the Rowett Research Institute in Scotland, found that liquids or slippery yellow jelly around tomato seeds found containing compoundsthat are effective against stroke and heart disease. When you drink tomato juice without discarding the seeds, then you have lessened the risk of blood clots around 72%, so you can avoid heart disease.

taken from:info-sehat.com, translated by googletranslate (modified-please suggest the correct grammar if you find a grammatical error)
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